Are You Digital Learning This Year?
Do you feel like you're in uncharted TERRITORY?
Well... here's your chart!

We're in love with these designs! 

For our littles in elementary school...




For the older kids in middle and high school...




Seriously! How cute are these?!

Here is everything you will get in the 
digital learning notebook you choose...

  • My week at a glance
  • ​Weekly calendar
  • ​Weekly self evaluation
  • ​Online meeting notes with teachers
  • ​Monthly overview
  • ​Test/quiz reminders
  • ​Important things to remember
  • ​Monthly goal setting
  • ​Daily Task
  • ​To-do list
  • ​"Emails to send" section
  • ​Important school info section
  • ​Organized kids
  • ​Themed cover pages 
  • ​Specialized layouts for middle and high school
  • ​Specialized layouts fir elementary schools kids
  • ​Stress free semester 
  • ​Unlimited access to print as many copies as you need 
  • ​And more!

Did I mention this is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD? 

That means NO WAITING weeks for it to come in the mail!

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 for your favorite digital learning notebook.

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for only $39.94 $17.95.  

Hi! We are Megan (left) & Sandra (right). 

Megan has 4 kids and Sandra has 3 who range from a toddler to a senior in high school.  

When we received the news that our kids would all be digitally learning, we knew we needed a plan and fast!

I mean, how could a mom who has never homeschooled her kids before feel prepared for something like this? 

All of the questions and concerns automatically started going through our heads. 

That's when we knew we had to do what mom friends do... we planned a "meeting" over Mexican food!
 We started brainstorming and created something that would help them stay organized and be as self-sufficient as possible regardless of their age.

When we did, we knew we couldn't keep it a secret. 

We had to share our idea with other moms who are also searching for a way to help their kids stay focused and organized this school year.